DRTS Products

Trusted to deliver innovation we underpin our portfolio of data and information tools with bespoke SaaS solutions. Easy to use systems with technical training ensure maximum interaction, high availability, and optimum performance throughout the full value life cycle.



Beautiful Data. Spectacular Insights

Create rich, interactive, pictures of complex problems. Then discuss, compare, validate and take action.
DACORD services inherently capture expertise and in so doing enable richer questioning of futures and solutions. Insights are delivered quickly, at low cost, and often with much greater value than would be achieved with large consulting projects.





Collaborative Mapping. Strategic Insight and Action

By providing a collaborative cognitive workspace StratView enables complex unfolding events to be captured, discussed and understood. Problems rife with uncertainties and unpredictabilities, which involve many people who are attempting to plan and make decisions, can be turned into continuous, robust, adaptive, and planned actions. The platform enables learning and knowledge capture, is simple to use, is as dynamic as crowdsourcing, engages stakeholders and wins buy-in, and is easily accessible by all.